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Sunday, December 12, 2010

BAD drivers

Bad drivers can come from anywhere at any time and be any gender or age. Now, i'm of the persuasion that the majority of bad drivers are women.... i say this because, i am a woman. i get it and anyone who gets in the car with me gets it too. i usually throw out a little disclaimer that goes something like, "so you obviously don't know how i drive, yet, but i'll be the first to admit that's its pretty terrible, and that yes i am a woman and that is why i am crappy at driving."

WOMEN though have some pretty good excuses for being horrible on the road, IE. yelling kids, handing objects to people in the back seat, calling ahead to their next appointment to report that they are going to be just late enough to be embarrassed but not late enough to cancel, and last, but most importantly they have a MILLION things going through their mind at once. who in the world would expect them to pay attention while driving... well cops for one; who i might point out, are mostly men!

MEN, on the other hand, THINK ABOUT NOTHING, so right there they are better at paying attention to and following the lines and colors, the simple things that take them back to their kindergarten days. What makes men bad drivers is that most of them don't have any regard for anyone or anything.

So here is what this is really about:

I WAS ALMOST FRIKIN T-BONED TODAY BY A RANCHERO (man in a big truck with a large cowboy hat and a tiny mustache with dark skin and light eyes) WHO RAN A STOP SIGN!!!

and i wanted to rant about it.

until next time,
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  1. That happened to me, too, just last week!! Guy in a Jeep blew through a stop sign--good thing I was paying attention and half a car-length slower... Most bad drivers I encounter are men, on their phone, blasting music, weaving in and out, whatever. But maybe you're right that they don't care. We were both lucky this time.

  2. you are right about being lucky, and i have encountered A LOT of bad male drivers. in the spring of last year i moved to the country from a large city and everytime i go back to the city for sam's club or a urology apointment or something, i find that "city folk" are always trying to cut me off!!! so i yell and cuss and give them the bird... and i have come to the conclusion that, "country folk" are the main cause of road rage, which, let's face it people, without the road ragers who overreact to someone who made a mistake, there wouldn't be so many bad drivers who are upset by roadragers who are in turn upset by bad drivers...


    halla at cho grl if you feelz me, aight?