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Friday, December 10, 2010

New Blog, First Post

Ugh! how boring! i bet everyone titles their first blog, "New Blog" or "First Post" or if you want to be a real douche you combine the two like i did. i bet every time someone sees a title like this they think, "oh yeah, im sure this person just has a TON of great things for me to read about. they can't even think of a catchy, witty name for their fist entry on their new blog. Check out this chick in particular, she obviously knows how to use uppercase, she's just lazy!" and how many people start out their new blogs assuming what you are thinking as you are reading it? i bet you're thinking, "Golly! Doesn't this person, 'The Helz' have anything original to say?"

Clearly, i don't. so you should just stop reading this blog. I mean, it's entitled, "Tea Time" you can't get more boring than tea time. what, do i have some kind of grandma complex??? so just stop reading and never come back. never come back to listen to my ridiculous thoughts that i vomit on to this page while i'm sipping my tea. just toss the name, "The Helz" from your mind and never give it another thought. everything i have to say is completely unoriginal and not even good for a laugh. which is really why you decided to even come this far... disappointing isn't it.

Seriously, out of the 50 billion other blogs you could be reading... why are you still here?

Until next time,
 Tea Time

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