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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The NightS before Christmas...

Okay, so we are here, in the final stretch before the BIG day. yes, i'm talking about Christmas. Fortunately this year, my house isn't so crazy. we have family and not very much of a cash flow to go around so there are a few homemade presents under the tree who seem to be enjoying the company of the presents that came from the dollar section at target. you know what i'm referring to, even if you don't want to admit it. AND THEN we have a few presents courtesy of russell stover, courtesy of food stamps, courtesy of tax payers everywhere.

but all in all, i think its going to be a great Christmas, because Christmas isn't about the wii's and the PS3's and the blue ray players and the 3D televisions with their annoying little glasses... (even though those things are SUPER AWESOME!!!)

Christmas is about family and sharing the things that you ARE fortunate enough to have with others. It's about traditions and good will toward men and baby Jesus... and if you manage to squeeze the latest toy trend that you paid 400% more for than the mom who put it on k-mart layaway two weeks before halloween in there somewhere too, well then you should just give yourself a big pat on the back...

you did good,

you did good.

Till next time,
Tea Time

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