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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Kidney Stones... REAL SOBs!

So when i was prego with my last BEAUTIFUL baby i was afflicted with kidney stones for 6 weeks. i was given a hefty prescription of oxycodone but told that my baby could become addicted so use it sparingly.

i did and i am VERY proud of myself for suffering the pain...

since she was born i have had 2 episodes and i used ALL THOSE REMAINING SUCKERS UP and got another prescription cause KIDNEY STONES i mean come on!!! who wouldn't get drugged up?

now let me tell you a little something about my pain threshold ok,

i was in active labor with my first daughter for 86 HOURS! NO FU@KIN' JOKE!!! i would not dilate.

i sat for 4 and a half hours in one sitting for an AWESOME portrait tat of my grandmother. with out crying i might add.

i also had intense chest wall pain for a few months and i made it through that too.


kidney stones ARE some REAL SOBs!

if there are any other pain junkies out there... (through no fault of your own or otherwise totally your fault, let me know about it.)

Till next time,
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