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Monday, January 17, 2011

making a splash in the world...

well at least in the blogger world.

im not the most ambitious person, as you can probably tell from my lack of want to use capitals.

:-P (this is an emoticon representation of me, sticking my tongue out [playfully, i might add] at all the capital users)

alright alright, now that my tongue is back where it belongs... i want to talk about why i started blogging in the first place. so here it goes:

i love to write, and granted i'm not the funniest but my life is pretty funny sometimes and i wanted to try a different kind of writing exercise. you see, i write fiction novels, (and as i don't consider myself to be a novelist just quite yet... i haven't completed a novel... but i will be one day) and it was getting pretty hard for me to keep working on my novels because i was lacking inspiration aka, i have a bad case of the writer's block AND my heart just hasn't been in my work.


Tea Time with the Helz!

my wonderfully amazing and funny fiance Shane helped me set up a blog. he once had an epic blog entitled, "The Ass Page" which sad to say, is no longer being written.


I've been trying to get him into blogging again but he's already been retired for a few years and he's not sure if that's an appropriate amount of time for a comeback yet.

which brings me back to my point, while im writing this blog im going to take it easy. i just want to write about whatever is on my mind at the time. my blog most often will start out with a cute, witty title but more often than not, will stray from the point of it or will be about something else entirely. i proof read my blog once after im finished writing it and immediately publish the post. i don't allow myself time to re-write. i want it to be naturally pure from my mind, with out revising or alterations.

So i hope you enjoy what i write and if i do happen to a make a splash in the blogger community well then i hope its a positive, delicate splash... instead of the intrusive kind that gets everyone wet and ruins every one's day.

and if it is that last kind every once in a while then i say, "what the Helz! it is what it is."

till next time,
Tea Time

...and here i am with a cookie!

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