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Sunday, January 30, 2011

the muffin top around my to tight pants started taunting me so to make it stop i got into some comfy sweats and went down to the bakery to get revenge

so... as you may or may not know i have been trying to lose the baby weight from my little one. now maybe you are looking at my pictures and saying, you don't need to lose any weight, well bitches that was pre-pregnant! ok, i put them up to get me motivated. I GAINED 50 LBS WITH HER! and when my profile pic was taken i was at 140, this was 3 mos prior to me pregoness and during those 3 mos. i gained another 10lbs. as it currently stands i am at 163 and have not lost a pound for for about 8 weeks. i have started counting calories and drinking only water for my kidney stones so we will see where that takes me. ALSO, i am planning to buy a treadmill as i live in the country and all the people around me have vicious pit bulls... you can stop counting my excuses now!

im sorry i sound so angry... it must be the FOOD deprivation!

anyway, i have to give it up to http://jackfit.blogspot.com/ his humor is really inspirational to me.

till next time,
Tea Time
this was taken right after Christmas,
the photographer surprised me.

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