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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I want to pledge to myself...

I want to pledge to myself that I am worth something, not because I am a woman or a wife or a mom.
Not because I run around all day making sure everything is done.
Not because I need a pedicure... badly,
cause the stank is just to strong.

Not because I'm tired of the things running through my mind.
The past things along with the present and the future all entwined.
Not because my hair is madly, raging
cause my split ends have no bind.

Not because my arms are constantly being pulled,
Not because my love handles are constantly being fulled.
It's not because of my little dog is sadly, waiting to be walked,
And not because my husband can't wait any longer for "my headache" to be subdued.

But I pledge because I want myself to know that I am worth it just for me,
Because I am more than just a woman or wife or mom, and these things do not define me.
Because I know that I can still be ANYTHING I want to be.
I want to pledge to myself,
That I am worth it,
That I can make it happen,
Because I am a mom or a wife or a woman
I know I can do it all

And that my pledge that I AM worth something will stand strong.


  1. This really blessed me today. Funny, because earlier I actually got dressed to the make-up just for homeschooling! That hasn't happened in a long time. I must be on a roll... :)

  2. I know what you mean. My facebook pic shows my honey and I going to a Valentine's Day dance and the only makeup I put on was eye shadow. But we are beautiful no matter what and taking our time to put on makeup makes it more speacial when we look in the mirror than if it were just a chore we did everyday. Thanks for your comment and your support!