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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Working for the day when I don't have to, "Suck IT in!"

I made it! 85 days! ... left. :(

i have 85 days left of P90X, and today was the workout entitled, "Yoga X" otherwise know as, "you fu@kin' little bi7ch! you can suck a$$! i hate your shitty guts!!!"

or something along those lines. it is without a doubt the most difficult of ALL the workouts. it hurts and i can't breath and my hands get blister. I HATE IT!

but i know it will pay off in the end and pain is only weakness leaving the body...


all i can say is, "it better freaking pay off cause this crap aint worth it!"

i'm sorry... i have become the epitome of blind rage since i started working out. my fiance is afraid to look at me. but, i feel better now and i think i can go on with this next bit of news.

Lent started yesterday with Ash Wednesday and I am giving up sweets... (what Catholic women doesn't?) also though, i would like to take my family to adoration of the Blessed Sacrament every friday for an hour...

(ok, so i know i just got finished cussing like a sailor, but i'm not telling you to go to church... i'm a human freakin' being! GET OFF MY BACK!!!)

(breathe... calm... serenity... peace... ahhh... much better)

so those are the two major things that i wanted to write about, also... i guess, my fiance and i are trying a new bribery system to get our kids to listen to us. both of my older girls go to dance class on the weekends so they have a certain number of,  "T's" that equal timeouts, if they loose all their, "T's" then they loose a star for the day, they get one star for each week day, if they loose all their stars they can't go to dance class.


what ever happened to corporal punishment. i remember my mother throwing a freakin' shoe at me and i turned out just fine...

hold on, give me a second, i have to wait till the vein in my neck goes down or i'll suffocate.

30 minutes later...

Till next time,
Tea Time

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