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Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday, May 16, 2011

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Working for the day when I don't have to, "Suck IT in!"

I made it! 85 days! ... left. :(

i have 85 days left of P90X, and today was the workout entitled, "Yoga X" otherwise know as, "you fu@kin' little bi7ch! you can suck a$$! i hate your shitty guts!!!"

or something along those lines. it is without a doubt the most difficult of ALL the workouts. it hurts and i can't breath and my hands get blister. I HATE IT!

but i know it will pay off in the end and pain is only weakness leaving the body...


all i can say is, "it better freaking pay off cause this crap aint worth it!"

i'm sorry... i have become the epitome of blind rage since i started working out. my fiance is afraid to look at me. but, i feel better now and i think i can go on with this next bit of news.

Lent started yesterday with Ash Wednesday and I am giving up sweets... (what Catholic women doesn't?) also though, i would like to take my family to adoration of the Blessed Sacrament every friday for an hour...

(ok, so i know i just got finished cussing like a sailor, but i'm not telling you to go to church... i'm a human freakin' being! GET OFF MY BACK!!!)

(breathe... calm... serenity... peace... ahhh... much better)

so those are the two major things that i wanted to write about, also... i guess, my fiance and i are trying a new bribery system to get our kids to listen to us. both of my older girls go to dance class on the weekends so they have a certain number of,  "T's" that equal timeouts, if they loose all their, "T's" then they loose a star for the day, they get one star for each week day, if they loose all their stars they can't go to dance class.


what ever happened to corporal punishment. i remember my mother throwing a freakin' shoe at me and i turned out just fine...

hold on, give me a second, i have to wait till the vein in my neck goes down or i'll suffocate.

30 minutes later...

Till next time,
Tea Time

Thursday, March 3, 2011

P90X; totally X! Totally kicking my ass!

I recently started P90X as prompted by my finance Shane, and let me tell you... this is not for the faint of heart!

I'm counting down and I have 88 days left to go. I am also continuing to count my calories, taking in between 1400-1700 daily. I have lost 2 pounds since I started a few days ago, but we'll see how it goes.

I have been busy with my Miche business for the past couple of weeks so I have neglected my blogging responsibilities, though I don't think my 3 readers have minded to much. I haven't had any views in the past week.

So, "How do I get this party started?" I want to know, how did you get readers? Or are you still working to build up your fan base? Do you need a theme or a hook? Or is narcissism pure and unchanging all you need to make???

Let me know!

till next time,
Tea Time
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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It's been a while since a post but since a post there has been a Valentine's day

It's been really great for me these past few days! I have become a Miche bag representative and if you don't know what a Miche bag is then visit my website at mymichebag.com/alexis_anaya
At this site you can check out all the Miche has to offer. I am very very glad for this in my life because truthfully I have been having a hard time feeling in control of the things that I do. I stay at home with my three children, all under the age of 5 and my fiance is also here because his father is sick and we are taking care of him. 

I love my fiance and he is such a strong and loving man, but because I don't bring in any money of my own I feel like I must ask for permission for things that I want. 

I have looked very deep into myself as I have been asking why do I feel this way. I take care of my household and have sacrificed a lot to help my father in law be as comfortable as he can. Why can I not just declare that I need something and give it to myself? 

The answer to this question lies with my ex husband. Without going into to much detail I want to say that my being IE, physical, emotion and mental, needs were not being met and were, in effect, being abused. The result being that I did not feel that I was worth anything that I asked for, and that I only had a right to have or want something if I earned it myself.

Now, I am not meaning  to say that my fiance continues this pattern in our relationship. But I feel the effects of this previous abuse still. 

As I am not as strong in my own person yet to believe my fiance when he tells me that I don't have to ask permission to get something that I need, I decided that I wanted to pursue a part time job where I can still care for my house and home and bring in some income to bring up my self esteem and self worth. So far, I am loving it!

I hope that I can continue to grow and love myself in the true spirit of Valentine's Day , The way St. Valentine was inspired by our Lord to love others.

I am a work in progress, I understand that, and my goal is to get to a place where I feel that I am equal to my fiance and that I deserve to have what I need because I am worth it. But I recognize the places where I need work and because of this recognition, I have some hope of overcoming it.

Now, speaking of Valentine's, my honey and I celebrated on Saturday and it started with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and one of my favorite gourmet cookies. We then had lunch in this beautiful and private  restaurant (Jinja), the same restaurant where we spent our first Valentine's Day together, and then we went to the movies to watch, "True Grit". It was lovely. My fiance also entertained the idea to make me and our family dinner and when he asked me what I wanted to have I told him Arby's. It was great!

I love that he loves me and that he encourages me to love myself. And that when we are weak and we love ourselves more than we love each other, we can see how we are wrong and forgive the other. I am learning so much about the way I can and should be and about the way a healthy relationship can and should be. I am very happy with all the learning  and loving and I can only live my life striving to learn and love more and more everyday.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

my other kid says the darndest things!

This morning after I got out of the shower my middle daughter Haidyn sat on the floor and saw my bra hanging on the door.

Haidyn, "Hey mom?"
Me, "Yea Haidyn?"
Haidyn, (pointing to my bra) "Is that your boobie skates?"
Me, "No Haidyn... it's my bra."
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157 lbs

I just weighed myself and I came out on top at 157!!!! I'll keep chugging along!
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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I want to pledge to myself...

I want to pledge to myself that I am worth something, not because I am a woman or a wife or a mom.
Not because I run around all day making sure everything is done.
Not because I need a pedicure... badly,
cause the stank is just to strong.

Not because I'm tired of the things running through my mind.
The past things along with the present and the future all entwined.
Not because my hair is madly, raging
cause my split ends have no bind.

Not because my arms are constantly being pulled,
Not because my love handles are constantly being fulled.
It's not because of my little dog is sadly, waiting to be walked,
And not because my husband can't wait any longer for "my headache" to be subdued.

But I pledge because I want myself to know that I am worth it just for me,
Because I am more than just a woman or wife or mom, and these things do not define me.
Because I know that I can still be ANYTHING I want to be.
I want to pledge to myself,
That I am worth it,
That I can make it happen,
Because I am a mom or a wife or a woman
I know I can do it all

And that my pledge that I AM worth something will stand strong.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ahhh the snow... REALLY SUCKS!

i live in the desert and i HATE the snow. i don't like the blinding whiteness, i don't like the wetness or the coldness of it. i don't like that it takes the same amount of time to dress for it as it does to play in it. i don't like how pipes freeze and bust and you can't get a plumber to come out because they are too busy fixing their own pipes. i don't like the cold you get stuck with for three days after you go outside for three minutes to get the mail. i don't like snow days, because your kids have to stay home with you ALL DAY LONG!

pretty much i just don't like it at all. i wish i did, some people i know seem to have so much fun in the snow: skiing and snowboarding, drinking hot cocoa, making snow angels...

1. i have never been skiing and after the hell i went through trying to snowboard ONCE, i'm not likely to try it.
2. i'm allergic to chocolate... (im not really, i LOVE chocolate and i feel so sorry for people who can't partake in it's deliciousness :-()
3. i don't have anything against angels but i can't stand the sound of snow crunching and you have to lie down IN THE SNOW to make a snow angel and that sound is literally in your ears... ugh!

so please don't judge me, just judge the snow and seriously think about whether its worth it or not to go out there in the treacherous weather. unless of course you have to brave it to bring me a pizza... yummm! XD

Till next time,
Tea Time

Sunday, January 30, 2011

the muffin top around my to tight pants started taunting me so to make it stop i got into some comfy sweats and went down to the bakery to get revenge

so... as you may or may not know i have been trying to lose the baby weight from my little one. now maybe you are looking at my pictures and saying, you don't need to lose any weight, well bitches that was pre-pregnant! ok, i put them up to get me motivated. I GAINED 50 LBS WITH HER! and when my profile pic was taken i was at 140, this was 3 mos prior to me pregoness and during those 3 mos. i gained another 10lbs. as it currently stands i am at 163 and have not lost a pound for for about 8 weeks. i have started counting calories and drinking only water for my kidney stones so we will see where that takes me. ALSO, i am planning to buy a treadmill as i live in the country and all the people around me have vicious pit bulls... you can stop counting my excuses now!

im sorry i sound so angry... it must be the FOOD deprivation!

anyway, i have to give it up to http://jackfit.blogspot.com/ his humor is really inspirational to me.

till next time,
Tea Time
this was taken right after Christmas,
the photographer surprised me.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

kids say the darndest things

Tawney, (my oldest) shouts "mom look, the grinch and the lorax are dancing!" She tells me enthusiastically as we ride in the car to the tune of the latest country/pop crossover.

I reply, "but tawney those dolls are both boys."

To which she answers..., "i know, I am just pretending that they are both girls."

To which my fiance comments, "that's not any better." while giving me the queer eye.

till next time,
Tea Time
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Kidney Stones... REAL SOBs!

So when i was prego with my last BEAUTIFUL baby i was afflicted with kidney stones for 6 weeks. i was given a hefty prescription of oxycodone but told that my baby could become addicted so use it sparingly.

i did and i am VERY proud of myself for suffering the pain...

since she was born i have had 2 episodes and i used ALL THOSE REMAINING SUCKERS UP and got another prescription cause KIDNEY STONES i mean come on!!! who wouldn't get drugged up?

now let me tell you a little something about my pain threshold ok,

i was in active labor with my first daughter for 86 HOURS! NO FU@KIN' JOKE!!! i would not dilate.

i sat for 4 and a half hours in one sitting for an AWESOME portrait tat of my grandmother. with out crying i might add.

i also had intense chest wall pain for a few months and i made it through that too.


kidney stones ARE some REAL SOBs!

if there are any other pain junkies out there... (through no fault of your own or otherwise totally your fault, let me know about it.)

Till next time,
Tea Time

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pooping brings out the best in your ideas

Before we get started i'd just like to point, "how you doin'?" (voice of Joey from the hit 90's tv show, Friends) so now that you have his voice in your head i'm gonna say this about the whole pooping and best ideas thing that brought you here in the first place... "you know wat i talk 'n bout"

yea, that's not the joey voice. Sorry...

Why don't we just move on. hm?


We all do it, men and women alike, and no matter how much we refuse to admit it... it's one of life's little guilty pleasures and we enjoy our time on the john.

no, not actual JOHNS, i'm talking about

the toilet.

i'll start over, Poop.

It's very nice to know that poop can happen so that we can take a few minutes out of our VERY busy lives to ourselves. In the quiet and still of the bathroom (regardless of the bathroom [except maybe the one at your local Allsup's]) we ponder about our day thus far. we think about the degrading things our bosses said to us and what we would have said back to them, had the time been right and also if having a house wasn't a necessity. we think about the people we like and the funny conversations we've had and right in the middle of prairie doggin' it, just for a few seconds in case we get interrupted, WE HAVE OUR BEST IDEA OF THE DAY...


"Ok seriously! Stop thinking about John! SICKO, who is john anywa.... uh you know what? forget i asked."

back to the best idea of the day. you know the idea that will have everybody that ever existed talking. the pillow pet idea.

And then that sucker just drops right on down into the toilet, and the water splashes up and gets your bottom all wet and in the utter disgust and contempt that you are feeling for yourself someone knocks on the door and asks if you are almost finished.

you panic, get cleaned up as much as possible (although you know you will probably have to check later) pull up your pants and wash your hands to make a GRAND, CLEAN, EXIT. thinking no one will ever know even if you did forget to spray the courtesy air freshener... "dangit! next time" you think to yourself. though deep in your heart you know it's never going to happen.

and in the mayhem, you forget all about your great idea and you are now secretly thanking me, because it is all coming back to you because of my post. (and remember kids, sharing is caring. email this delightful and insightful post to a friend you really love.)

Your welcome, one and all... and remember me in your charitable contributions.

Till next time,
Tea Time

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Just posted my first story entry on my other blog!


let me know what you think! there are some great things happening to me with my writing. there are plenty of opportunities opening up for me and i am very excited about all of them.

and don't worry, my next Tea Time blog will NOT be about my writing. i'll come up with something interesting to talk about...


i wonder what it'll be.

till next time,

this is not an actual post for this blog! i can't type my signature closing on a post for this blog that isn't actually a post for this blog!


well huh, this is sorta like a mini blog isn't it? (<- ps, this is a rhetorical question... <-pps, no it's not)

well it has all the makings anyway. The nice title, the non use of capitals at the appropriate times, the use of ALL CAPITALS at the inappropriate times not to mention my rant and all the exclamation marks ie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so yea, i'll just go ahead and sign off as usual then.

Till next time
Tea Time    ;-p

Monday, January 17, 2011

making a splash in the world...

well at least in the blogger world.

im not the most ambitious person, as you can probably tell from my lack of want to use capitals.

:-P (this is an emoticon representation of me, sticking my tongue out [playfully, i might add] at all the capital users)

alright alright, now that my tongue is back where it belongs... i want to talk about why i started blogging in the first place. so here it goes:

i love to write, and granted i'm not the funniest but my life is pretty funny sometimes and i wanted to try a different kind of writing exercise. you see, i write fiction novels, (and as i don't consider myself to be a novelist just quite yet... i haven't completed a novel... but i will be one day) and it was getting pretty hard for me to keep working on my novels because i was lacking inspiration aka, i have a bad case of the writer's block AND my heart just hasn't been in my work.


Tea Time with the Helz!

my wonderfully amazing and funny fiance Shane helped me set up a blog. he once had an epic blog entitled, "The Ass Page" which sad to say, is no longer being written.


I've been trying to get him into blogging again but he's already been retired for a few years and he's not sure if that's an appropriate amount of time for a comeback yet.

which brings me back to my point, while im writing this blog im going to take it easy. i just want to write about whatever is on my mind at the time. my blog most often will start out with a cute, witty title but more often than not, will stray from the point of it or will be about something else entirely. i proof read my blog once after im finished writing it and immediately publish the post. i don't allow myself time to re-write. i want it to be naturally pure from my mind, with out revising or alterations.

So i hope you enjoy what i write and if i do happen to a make a splash in the blogger community well then i hope its a positive, delicate splash... instead of the intrusive kind that gets everyone wet and ruins every one's day.

and if it is that last kind every once in a while then i say, "what the Helz! it is what it is."

till next time,
Tea Time

...and here i am with a cookie!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

So now that i have gotten some mildly hilarious and mildly offensive blogs out of the way... it's time for something serious.

I have two older daughters, ( ages 4 and 3 from a previous marriage) and one baby daughter from my fiance. my two older daughters have to leave me every other friday and saturday to be with their biological father aka, my ex whom i left because of his mental, verbal, emotional and physical abuse.

All the hours they spend away from me my heart feels broken. like a piece of it broke off and fell into the pit of my stomach. i have been fighting with my ex for two years now, not including all the time we spent fighting in our marriage, first about him seeing his children at all. i had to tell him about the times they cried for him and all the questions about why he didn't answer their calls or call them back, or come to see them. after a while they got used to it and he would only make it a point to see them when the visit involved his parents.

on one occasion i found out that the few weekends he had taken them to his parents house, in the city where we grew up, he would leave after they fell asleep to go get drunk with his old friends. on the last weekend i let him do this i found out that he was lying to me about my girls even being with him in the day time. they were with his mom and he didn't know where she was.

needless to say, this behavior put a stop to his weekend trips out of town with them. i also put him on a schedule, outlining the days i was legally bound to let him see them. this started us fighting about me being controlling and how he couldn't deal with only getting to be with "his" daughters except on certain days, even though he has since spent more time with them than he ever had since we split.

those of you who know me know who im talking about. and only a few of you know the whole story. but i started writing this because of another blogger (thanks for your inspiration, you really got me thinking) who wrote about dead beat dads. i commented to that blogger that i wish everyday that i had picked a better man to be the "other half of my children's dna" but the truth is that i picked who i picked and i and all three of my daughters and any other children myself and my fiance have must live with the effects of that. my baby daughter knows when her big sisters are gone. and our days without my baby girls are hard.

i am incredibly blessed though. i am blessed with a man who loves me and our children... because all three of them are his.

and he doesn't blame me for my past mistakes and he loves me for who i am today.

neither of us are perfect and we have our battles, but i know that i can get through anything because i have him by my side.

back to the reason for writing this...

there are many women out there who have been through and are going through what i have gone through with their "dead beat dads," and they keep looking for love, except that they just can't seem to find a good man to help them raise their children, and i'm not claiming to know that magic spell to get you that special, unique man, but it is possible to find someone to accept you and your kids, a GOOD someone. not just someone that makes you feel secure, not just someone that makes you feel pretty, not just someone who is nice to your kids in the beginning, but an actually good man.

you can find a good man, you just have to stop looking at the bad ones. and when the good one does come along, try not to let your insecurities get in the way, but if they do maybe he isn't the right man after all. and always put your children first, if you're like me it's all you will think about when they are gone.

Till next time,
tea time

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

how to get through a fight

first off i would like to state that i am NO love doctor! but i DO know a thing or two about fighting.

so let me say this FIGHTING SUCKS! and there really isn't anything you can do about a fight.

i'm even asking myself right now, "what's the point of writing this? ... there isn't a way to get through a fight except to get through it. then you and the other person are crying and having a difficult time breathing and you both have MAJOR headaches and don't even get me started on those puffy eyes, because, as im sure you know, you can't go anywhere until you get your puffy eyes under control and while you are doing that you might possibly be touching up your makeup, if you are a female (or a drag queen.) and then there's the worst part...

THE THINGS YOU SAID THAT YOU CANT TAKE BACK, and you are COMPLETELY ashamed of yourself for saying those things and... wait a second, i'm getting ahead of myself."

to get down to the understanding of why people fight we have to dissect the "common" fight ie. a fight between two people, and present it to the "common" folk ie. you and me.

1. one of the "common" people in the afore mentioned "common" fight says something that the other "common" person does not understand.


Actually, now that i'm thinking about how to get through a fight, the more i am remembering the last fight that i had and the more i don't want to think about fights. PLUS i am getting tired of typing Shift+["] key and the word "common" ...

SEE! i just did it again.

AND, as i said before, I AM TIRED OF THINKING OF MY FIGHTS (i just felt it was the correct time for me to be redundant), but i am going to leave this blog open ended and let anyone who wants to comment about their recent or biggest fights or why they think people fight or how to get through a fight comment about it and i will continue this blog at a later date and then comment on your afore mentioned comments.

yes, i do like using certain phrases such as, "afore mentioned" but i am SERIOUSLY getting tired of the Shift+["] key!

So there you go... not exactly where i wanted to go with this post when i started writing it, but what kind of writer would i be if i couldn't admit to not being able to write what i set out to write at the time that i set out to write it?

Till next time,
Tea time!

PS. this picture could have definatly started a fight between myself and the person who created it...