Welcome to Tea Time!

Thank you for stopping by my place for some tea. During tea time I like to chat about any old thing on my mind... So pull up a chair, place your napkin across your lap, take a sip from your cup (but be careful, it might be hot) and feel free to join in.

I'm pleased that you are here.

About The Helz


Welcome to my blog, my name is Hellena Slokvaz and I love to write. Writing is just what I do though, not who I am. Who I am is a woman with dreams and ambition who decided to not lie down and take all the crap that was being thrown at her.

My beautiful daughters and wonderful fiance help me to be a better woman and to work hard to everyday to make their lives better as well. I am very fortunate to have my family and a home.

I thank God for my faith and knowledge of Him and the Church. Without my God I could not have gotten through the miscarriage of my first little baby, my marriage and divorce from my first husband who was a domestic abuser and the trial of being a single mother with two baby girls.

But I have made it.

My creative writing took a back seat to my annulment, which I am proud to say, that by the grace of God and the love and support of my family I finished so that I can marry the love of my life, and now I am back in the creative writing zone. YEA!

I started this blog, "Tea Time" to get my juices flowing; my second blog, "Stories by the Helz" are little projects that I am working on to see where it is in my writing that I am most interested in pursuing at this moment. I am looking for an agent and have quite a few ideas for novels.

Someday I hope to be published so I can share my stories with the world. And so I can tell all the people that love me, "I did it!"